By MT Bureau| Oct 13, 2021

Volvo Car India To Offer Lifetime Warranty On Parts

In an industry-first move, Volvo Car India has announced a ‘customer lifetime parts warranty’ scheme on all parts bought after the standard warranty period and installed at an authorised workshop.

The scheme covers all parts purchased post 1 October 2021 and installed at an authorised Volvo workshop. The warranty is applicable on the parts from the day of purchase until the car changes ownership and covers both labour and part cost.

The scheme does not apply to normal wear and tear of parts, consumables, batteries, accessories and software not associated with a hardware replacement.

Jyoti Malhotra, Managing Director, Volvo Car India, said, “It is for the first time in India that such an initiative has been offered to the luxury customers. This is a unique offer in the automotive industry that gives the customer carefree and secure car ownership. In the unlikely event of customers requiring a part changed for their car, the company will give a lifetime warranty on the part. The warranty commences on the date of purchase of the part and will follow the combination of car and car owner. If the car has a new registered owner, the warranty will end.” (MT)

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