By TT News| Oct 06, 2021

Wallace Instruments Launches Compression Stress Relaxometer

Wallace Instruments has launched its next-generation Compression Stress Relaxometer, the WAC11 Mk5.

The WAC11 Mk5 allows for easy measurement of compression-stress-relaxation (CSR) characteristics of rubber seals, O-rings and gaskets that help predict sealant service life. CSR measurement is essential for the safety-critical application of elastomers.

Chris Mundy, Sales and Service Manager, Wallace Instruments, said, “We pride ourselves on the accuracy, repeatability and productivity of all our equipment and our engineers, who really understand the science of testing, are continuously innovating to support our thousands of customers in managing the cost of quality and new product development. Our new Compression Stress Relaxometer is a generation leap from the previous Mk4 model and provides an accurate, affordable and easy-to-use option for CSR testing with user-friendly windows-based software that offers an almost limitless freedom to design and customise compression tests. We offer a full range of jigs for standard and bespoke applications and the WAC11 Mk5 is backwards compatible, so it can be adapted to take customers’ existing jigs and fixtures for testing and we can refurbish and certify old jigs.” (TT)

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