Jun 17, 2020

We Run Elaborate Tests On BMS In Design Stage: Puneet Arora

ION Energy is one of the world’s most advanced battery management and intelligence platforms. Founded in 2016, ION’s mission is to accelerate Earth's transition to an all-electric planet. The company is doing this with a focus on building technology for electric mobility and energy storage. It has pioneered a disruptive technology that leverages data derived from lithium-ion batteries, software analytics, and AI to significantly improve battery life and performance. Battery Makers & OEMs around the world use ION’s platform to optimize their battery management systems (BMS) and build world-class batteries. The company offers lot of solutions to test several aspects of vehicle development including electric vehicle evolution. Puneet Arora, Chief Operating Officer, ION Energy tells T Murrali that in order to maximize the capacity of the battery pack, and improve battery life and safety, we run elaborate tests on Battery Management Systems on all of our BMS designs. Edited excerpts:

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