By MT Bureau| Oct 16, 2020

Webasto Service App Launched For Easier Product Installation

Webasto, a Germany-based company that develops technologies and products for motor vehicle use, has launched its new Webasto Service App on most well-known app stores for free. The app gives mobile access to the product and installation document for all Webasto devices like the parking heater, air conditioner or charging station. The app also allows product registration.

Smartphone-enabled Webasto expert
Registered Webasto Partners who have installed the app use their smartphone’s camera to scan the QR or bar code on the packaging of Webasto products. They are then taken directly to the documents and videos relevant to the respective product. It is no longer necessary to search through long lists. This saves time and reduces errors during manual selection of operating and installation instructions. Furthermore, all of the available information is always fully updated. The app is available in twelve languages. 

Webasto elctromobility solution
Innovative heating systems for plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles

Webasto confirms that a further source of errors is removed during product registration, because the product and serial numbers are transferred directly to Webasto, together with the Webasto Partner’s contact details, once the code has been scanned. If the smartphone is used to capture the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), it is also not necessary to manually enter the vehicle data during product registration. It is also possible to register multiple products in a single step. Users are also able to send photos or comments as well. Moreover, the guarantee certificate is automatically created as a PDF and is e-mailed to the Webasto Partner or directly to the customer. Unregistered app users receive limited access to operating instructions and videos for Webasto products.

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