By TT News| Oct 06, 2021

Yokohama Rubber Testing Sensor Attached Tyre’s Inner Surface

Yokohama Rubber has started testing a tyre sensor attaching to the tyre’s inner surface to evaluate its durability and the ability of a newly developed system (Tyre air Pressure Remote access System = TPRS) to remotely monitor tyre pressure using the in-vehicle device.

The testing is being conducted in collaboration with Zenrin on a nationwide basis using test vehicles outfitted with sensor-attached tyres. The sensor has been developed by Yokohama Rubber and an in-vehicle device developed by Alps Alpine Co.

In addition, Yokohama Rubber aims to realize a new value-added tyre-related business that provides tire pressure information and GPS location data along with Zenrin's abundant map information.

The company said that the test will also consider the system’s benefits for vehicle owners, such as its contribution to safe vehicle operation and improved fuel efficiency. Using TPRS, Yokohama Rubber aims to establish a new business model that contributes to driver safety and enhances the economic efficiency of vehicle operation.


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