By TT News| Feb 12, 2021

Z-LASER Launches  ZD-520 Green Laser, Gets Improved Visibility 

Z-Laser has launched the ZD-520, a green positioning laser that can project lines, dots or crosses. The product is available in two variants: optimized fixed focus and a special OEM cable variant. With a diameter of only 11 mm, it can be used universally and is ideal for use in the tyre industry.

The model can be operated either with a WPSB plug-in power supply, an external battery or directly with 24 V DC machine voltage and integrated into existing production environments.

A big advantage of the ZD-520 green is its visibility: Especially on dark surfaces or in bright surroundings one can see the green projection 2-3 times better than the red visualization.

Visibility is also very good for materials with high absorption rates that do not respond well to typical IR wavelengths, as well as for reflective materials, such as copper or gold.

Stefan Frei, Sales Manager at Z-LASER says, "Black materials are a real challenge as surfaces in the projection of laser lines. Therefore laser projection on rubber is one of the more difficult tasks for our products. For more than 30 years, we have been engaged in laser projection for a wide variety of applications and on a wide variety of materials. All this experience and know-how now came to bear in the ZD-520 green," says Frei. (TT)

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