By TT News| Oct 20, 2021

ZC Rubber Wins Second Prize At ‘Straight To Wuzhen’ Competition

ZC Rubber’s project 5G + Smart Collaborative Digital Factory has won the second place at the 2021 Global Internet Competition of ‘Straight to Wuzhen’.

ZC Rubber’s project uses 5G technology to promote data network platform innovation and data-driven production process reengineering. The project aims to enhance the core competitiveness and corporate value through network collaboration, flexible production and service extension.

Compared with traditional factories, ZC Rubber’s 5G Smart Factory has achieved a 50 percent reduction in the product development cycle and a 15 percent increase in production efficiency due to a 40 percent reduction in product defect rate. In addition, the 5G Smart Factory has reduced the previous labour-intensive model and number of operators by about 70 percent.

At the award ceremony, Shen Jinrong, the Chairman of ZC Rubber Group, proposed the use of 5G low latency to promote the technological revolution with digitisation. (TT)

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