April-May 2021

May, 2021


Post lockdown last year, all industries had worked in full swing to get their business back on track with conscious steps. A spike in auto sales brought new hope for the tyre industry, and the scrappage policy announcement boosted the sentiments further. However, the resurge in the COVID cases because of the second wave have dampened the excitement. States are recording the new highs in cases and deaths daily, and the fear of a complete lockdown has resurfaced. Though no state governments can now afford a total lockdown, stricter rules for people movements and businesses will undoubtedly hit the businesses. Private companies are coming forward to cover the vaccinations costs of their employees and their immediate family members and even contract workers. It is time for the tyre industry, which is a labour-intensive sector, to take such measures to boost their workforces’ morale.

COVID 19 has brought significant changes in the tyre retailing business. In Europe and other developed countries, tyre companies have already been aggressive in selling tyre online considering various factors, whereas, in India, tyre companies have just started online retailing as a new business opportunity. Now COVID 19 has given a hard push for online retailing across the globe. The responsibility of tyre companies not only ends with selling tyres online but also providing professional fitments following all safety parameters. To align with these trends, tyre dealers also need to have a robust digital presence with competitive prices and a skilled workforce in their markets. Will online retailing take over the offline business? A big NO! To cater to various customer segments, including fragmented commercial fleets, offline presence will remain inevitable for tyre companies and dealers. (MT)

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