Electric Mobility - Enigma Elucidated

24th Nov 2020

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Event Theme:  Unravelling the mysteries and challenges in the new electric mobility ecosystem

Combustion vehicles are losing their sheen. With each new advances in the alternate fuel and new mobility economy, the common masses are finding combustion vehicles more lackluster. Lower maintenance costs, enticing government incentives, eco-friendly and driver-friendly set up, budget-friendly operations and even a future-proof perspective all make electric mobility a value for money deal. However, in India, there are certain inhibitions that have deterred the common IC-engine preferring masses from switching to electric mobility. 

The upcoming webinar ‘Electric Mobility - Enigma Elucidated’ by Motoring Trends aspires to address these very inhibitions behind EV adoption and hopes to gain more insight into the future of the EV industry in India. The event will go live on November 24 at 3 pm IST and will have some of the influential and big wheels of the Indian automotive industry, which include CV Raman(Senior Executive Director (Engg), Maruti Suzuki India), Dr. Seshu Bhagavathula(Director of the Board, Volta Trucks) and several others. An erudite interaction with a global implication for a ‘glocal’ implementation. 

Join into the conversation and register for the event to decrypt all the unseen opportunities and the unexpected challenges for the OEMs and the customers.


Dr. Seshu Bhagavathula - Member of the board & Advisor at Volta Trucks, Sweden

Mr. C.V. Raman - Sr Executive Director & Member of Executive Board (Engg, Quality & Supply Chain), Maruti Suzuki.

Mr. S. Ramanathan - Managing Director - Automotive Test Systems, India


Mr. Wicher Kist - Group CEO , Saietta,UK


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