Vehicle Dynamics Conference

8th Jun 2022

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Chennai Tamil Nadu India

Event Theme:  Changing Dynamics In Vehicles And Technovation From The Tyre Industry

The global automotive industry has the mandate from different power centres, the governments to consumers, to be cleaner, more efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable. It has to roll around the circular economy of 3Rs: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. For this the vehicle manufacturers across the board are looking at various options. The focus is on better safety and operating economy for the commercial vehicles, and more comfort, convenience and safety for passenger cars and two-wheelers.

There have been many disruptive changes and developments in the vehicle architecture, systems and modules to materialise these constantly evolving demands. Hybridisation and electrification is becoming all pervasive. The role tyre, the only contact point between the vehicle and the road, plays in translating these infused efficiencies and changing vehicle dynamics into actual saving of cost and time for OEMs and consumers is not recognized enough.

 This is the driving force for PIN 365, the publishers of Tyre Trends and Motoring Trends to organise the Conference on Vehicle Dynamics. The conference will discuss and deliberate on the current scenario and the future prospects and strive to draw a roadmap of the ecosystem for the tyre industry to move forward to be cost-effective, competitive, contemporary and consistent.


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